Que no baje

one man facing one of the wolrd's biggest enviromental threat to humans



Can humans control the power of nature?

Five men have chosen to spend a large part of their lives monitoring the lake for the good of the population, leaving behind their private lives so that the disaster that devastated Huaraz in 1941, causing more than two thousand deaths and thousands of evacuees, doesn’t repeat itself. The documentary tells the story of the guardian of the lake. What does it mean to be the caretaker of a lake? Can humans control the power of nature? Why would one man decide to live in such a remote and inhospitable place at the foot of perennial ice, isolated from the rest of the world? An enviable panorama to those that focus on its aesthetic appeal but Victor knows that the respect for these places comes from the understanding of the destructive power that they could have: a part of him knows that, in the event of a flood wave, his alert could be the last sentence he will ever pronounces. 

A feature doc written and directed by Niccolò Palomba

Written and directed by Niccolò Palomba

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Documentary 80′ COLOR